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Arqus moVEs

Thursday, 13 July 2023

Virtual Exchanges for international mobility experiences for degree seeking or exchange students

The Arqus alliance is pleased to announce the first edition of Arqus MoVEs, a virtual exchange dedicated to all students starting an international mobility experience at the beginning of academic year 2023/24 (degree seeking or exchange students). The program is open as well to those who haven’t had the chance to go abroad for studies yet but are willing to meet new people in an intercultural and multilingual environment.

Whom is “Arqus MoVEs” for?

This initiative is intended as a pre-mobility project that involves students across:

  • different academic background
  • different cultures
  • different languages
  • different ages
  • different disciplines
  • different time zones

Arqus universities students will meet and welcome international and exchange students who are going to move abroad for the following Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer semesters.

What will students learn?

Students will develop various skills and competences. In particular the project will:

  1. Enhance and foster soft skills
  2. Foster intercultural competence and global competence
  3. Boost critical thinking
  4. Stimulate interest in global issues
  5. Create cohesion among participants
  6. Cultivate curiosity towards other’s culture and active listening
  7. Promote inclusive multilingualism
  8. Develop linguistic, digital competences
  9. Practice various languages at the same time/simultaneously
  10. Boost students’ mobility

How does it work?

The project foresees different communication modes:

  • many-to-many communication where various languages other than English will be used as linguae francae
  • few-to-few communication where collaborative activities will be carried out

When does it take place?

It takes place prior to international and exchange students’ departure and it lasts 8-10 weeks. Students’ workload is estimated around 2-3 hours/week and combines synchronous and asynchronous activities.

What will student gain?

Students who will be punctual in meeting the following requirements, will be given a badge, a certificate of participation and even a certificate of award if they distinguish themselves in terms of commitment as well as of active participation.


  • hand in at least 1 diary of language and culture
  • contribute to at least 6 discussions on the e-community platform
  • write a final essay on the overall exchange
  • participate to at least 4 synchronous online sessions (out of 9)
  • participate to at least 3 collaborative activities (creation of infographics)
  • fill in online several questionnaires: pre and post exchange, soft skills self-assessment questionnaires, overall evaluation of the project questionnaire

Selection criteria

Arqus MoVEs is open to all students from Arqus partner universities and free, but with limited availability. Students will be selected on the basis of their motivations and previous experience. The registration form will be active until Thursday, 20th July at 13.00 CEST.

Want to take part? Register here!

For further information please contact: moves(at)arqus-alliance.eu

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