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Events and Research

Colloquium on Romance Linguistics


Host: Klaus Grübl (Leipzig, summer term 2022), Martin Hummel (Graz, summer term 2021 and winter term 2021/2022)
Contributors from Graz, Granada, Lyon, Leipzig, Bergen, Padua and Vilnius.
Links: https://homepage.uni-graz.at/de/martin.hummel/colloquium-on-romance-linguistics/

The Colloquium on Romance Linguistics is a series of online-presentations held by several linguists from the Arqus universities. It is open to every interested scholar. The sessions will last approximately 1,5 hours (1 hour of presentation + half an hour of discussion). Further information on participation and a detailed programme can be found on the indicated websites. The Colloquium will be continued every semester, organization ideally will rotate between the different involved universities. For informations on the third edition (Summer Term 2022), please contact Klaus Grübl at the University of Leipzig (klaus.gruebl(at)uni-leipzig.de).

Colloquium on Romance Literatures and Cultures

Summer term 2022

Host: Verena Richter (verena.richter(at)uni-graz.at) and Kurt Hahn (kurt.hahn(at)uni-graz.at), University of Graz

Contributors from Lyon, Graz, Padua, Leipzig and Granada

Link (incl. description of the presentations): https://homepage.uni-graz.at/de/verena.richter/organisation/aifrs-colloquium-on-romance-literatures-and-cultures-first-edition/

The first episode of the colloquium, hosted by the University of Graz and organized by Verena Richter and Kurt Hahn, was held online between April and June 2022. Members of the AIFRS presented their current research topics reaching from Literature in Medieval Veneto to Latin American theatre.

September 2022

Romance Languages in the Americas and in Africa

Organization: Katharina Gerhalter (Graz) and Stefan Koch (Graz)
Target group: advanced BA students and MA students of the Romance languages from different universities
Link: https://homepage.uni-graz.at/de/katharina.gerhalter/arqus-erasmus-blended-intensive-program-2022/

The Summer School (Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program) covered various aspects of the Romance languages in Africa and the New World. During a preliminary online phase (1-14 September 2022), students received a general introduction and completed some online-tasks. During the Summer School itself, held in Graz from 17th to 25th September 2022, various classes, for example concerned with morphosyntax, lexicon and language contact, were taught by renowned experts in an interactive environment. The teaching personnel included experts from the universities of Graz, Granada, Bergen, Cádiz, Santiago de Chile, Utrecht and Augsburg. Students also worked in small groups on their own to carry out guided research tasks on specific topics of the classes, supervised by the teaching personnel.

Arqus News

First edition of a series of conferences and workshops on plurilingualism and multiculturalism on the Iberia Peninsula
Granada, academic course, November 2022 – May 23

Organization: David Porcel Bueno (University of Granada): daporbue(at)ugr.es
More Information: https://arqus-alliance.eu/news/aifrs-group-series-minority-and-minoritized-languages-europe/

The first edition of the series “Revitalizing Minority and Minoritized Languages in Europe” will focus on the Iberian Peninsula. It will include two conferences, one given by Carsten Sinner, from Leipzig University, “The impact of Galician on Argentinian Spanish” (May 2023) and another given by Rachele Fassanelli, from the University of Padua, “The representation of female character in the Cantigas de amigo of Don Denis” (November 2022), and two workshops, one given by Stefan Koch, from the University of Graz, “From Medieval to Modern Asturian and Leonese” (February 2023), and another given by David Porcel Bueno, from de University of Granada, “The Mirandese, a minority and minoritized language in Portugal” (March 2023).


Members: Martin Hummel (Graz, coordinator), Katharina Gerhalter (Graz), Stefan Koch (Graz), David Porcel Bueno (Granada), Klaus Grübl (Leipzig), Inka Wissner (Graz/Besançon)
Contact: martin.hummel(at)uni-graz.at
Link: https://adjective-adverb.uni-graz.at/de/adjektiv-adverb-schnittstellen/arqus-research-group/

The Arqus Research Group Adverbs and Adverbials in the Romance Languages is concerned with the formation, function and morphosyntax of adverbs and adverbial structures in Romance in diachrony and synchrony. It integrates the already existing, Graz-based research group “Adjective-Adverb Interfaces in Romance” and incorporates experts on adverbials from several Arqus and other universities. The Research Group focuses e.g. on the permeability of word class boundaries (adjective vs. adverb), bare adjectives used as adverbs, prepositional phrases of the type P(reposition)+A(djective) as substituents for ‘regular’ adverbs, competing -mente-adverbs, the formation of -mente-adverbs as a learned language feat in the history of Romance, etc. Further information on research, publications and activities can be found on the website indicated above.

Further information coming soon.

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