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The Alliance aims to promote widening access for diverse student and staff populations, facilitating inclusive admission and recruitment policies, and attracting talent from less represented groups. The Alliance aims to develop shared policies for inclusion and diversity for all members of the university community.


  • Preventive early career education
  • Children's universities
  • Women to STEM
  • Support networks for inclusion
  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Enabling refugees
  • Rethinking college
  • Senior's Universities
  • Inclusive peer tutoring
  • Staff development for the diverse and inclusive classroom
  • Fast tracks for gifted students
  • Job market transition for inclusive universities
  • Common charters on Gender Equality, Inclusion and Sustainable Development Goals

The Alliance aims ultimately to have a shared academic offer. The Alliance aims to share new forms of mobility and best practice for recognition of all kinds: for credit mobility; for formal, informal and non-formal learning; for prior learning; for service learning; and of qualifications. The Alliance aims to share innovative and inclusive learning and teaching methodologies and staff development initiatives.


  • Pedagogical lab: Enabling cross-cutting staff collaboration
  • Arqus teaching excellence
  • Mobility windows
  • Arqus Twinning
  • Innovating in joint programme development
  • Arqus on the move
  • Enhanced recognition of study periods abroad and qualifications
  • Recognition of non-formal and informal learning

The Alliance aspires to ensuring truly multilingual environments at partner universities using its language diversity to promote multilingualism throughout the universities’ activities, for the entire community and beyond. The Alliance aspires to moving beyond language competence in order also to promote intercultural communication competence amongst students and staff.


  • Arqus Charter on Language Policy
  • Symposium on language policy
  • Joint strategy for staff development
  • Arqus certificates on language and cross-cultural competence
  • Workshop series in language and cross-cultural competence
  • Sharing language and cross-cultural preparatory courses for academic mobility
  • Volunteer language and culture programme
  • Exchange of language assistants for partner universities
  • Online terminological data base for terms in Higher Education
  • Joint Arqus Translating and Interpreting Programmes

The Alliance aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and creativity amongst the entire university community and across different areas of activities, through mutual learning, by engaging regional resources and building on the complementary strengths of all its members. It aims further to devote its efforts to developing and sharing innovative cross-sectoral collaborations.


  • Roadmap for Entrepreneurial University
  • Arqus Entrepreneurship Community
  • Common Course Itinerary
  • Engaged Community Challenge
  • Virtual Company Creation Contest
  • International Soft Landing for Young Entrepreneurs (ISLYE)
  • From Brain Drain to Brain Gain
  • European Interns for SMEs
  • Arqus socio-economic network

The Alliance aims to share best practice in research management and support and to find ways in which to share a variety of resources. It aims to promote joint doctoral and post-doctoral initiatives as the basis for early-stage researcher development and to promote share opportunities. It further aims to enhance actual research collaboration within the Alliance and with European and global partners.


  • ClusterMap
  • Openness
  • Target Impact
  • Research Focus Forum
  • Exchange Educates
  • European Research Equipment Pool - EuREP
  • Research Environment
  • MentorES
  • PreDocs Mentoring
  • PhD Employment Support
  • PostDocs Coaching
  • In-depth Skills Programme
  • PhDStructure/s
  • Arqus PhD
  • PostDoc Pursuit

The Alliance aspires to build on the member universities’ sound prior experience in cooperation in order to achieve a high level of integration in its members’ policies and action plans in order to: enhance the education of critically engaged European and global citizens who are able and willing to contribute to a multicultural, multilingual and inclusive Europe which is open to the world; better respond to the grand societal challenges of the 21st century in Europe and beyond.


  • Arqus Collaboratory challenged-based learning programmes
  • Arqus Collaboratory Winter School
  • Arqus communication and dissemination learning programme
  • Arqus annual student-led forum
  • Train-the-trainer workshops and MOOC on challenge-based learning
  • MOOC: Mental borders, physical borders and the shaping of modern European identity
  • Arqus Learning Object Repository


ARQUS Project Coordination
Universitaetsplatz 3 8010 Graz
Dr. Anja Hoffmann Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 2204


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