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Challenge-Based Learning

Montag, 16.05.2022, Universität

You can already enrol for the new Arqus MOOC on Challenge-Based Learning

The Arqus Alliance offers a Massive Open Online Course on Challenge-Based Learning (CBL-MOOC) in Higher Education. The CBL-MOOC, planned to start next 13th June 2022, is aimed at university teachers and anyone interested in the methodology of CBL. Vilnius University has coordinated the creation of this course that consists of 4 units, each of which is 4 hours long. On the part of the University of Graz, Caterina Hauser designed one of the four lessons of the MOOC and the Center for Digital Teaching and Learning is taking care of the technical input on the MOOC platform. Registration is now possible, the kick-off will be on June 13. 

The course does not require any prior knowledge of the topic, and the number of registered participants is unlimited. It combines theory with practical examples and testimonials of teachers and students involved in CBL projects. During the course, participants will be introduced to CBL, including its benefits and drawbacks. They will find out how the learning process in CBL can be structured and supported and will get an overview of the main participants and their core roles, responsibilities and competencies. After completing the MOOC, participants will be able to identify means for meaningfully assessing CBL.

The course leaders involved in the CBL-MOOC are excellent experts in their fields. Among them are Silvia Didier and Noémie Dominguez, associate professors at the Laelyon School of Management of the University Lyon 3; Caterina Hauser, a research assistant at the Center for Digital Teaching and Learning of the University of Graz; Paolo De Stefani, senior lecturer in International Law at the University of Padova; and Smita Mohanty, coordinator of the Arqus Action Line 5 "Entrepreneurial University and Regional Engagement".

Those interested to register for the MOOC must know that they need to answer at least 75% of the self-assessment questions correctly to obtain the certificates of course completion. >> Find outmore about the CBL-MOOC and enrol here.

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