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Support networks for inclusion: joining forces towards a common goal

Dienstag, 17.05.2022

The new webinar on 30th May will focus on the field of international mobility

The 2.4 task force "Support networks for inclusion", within the Arqus Action Line 2 "Widening access, inclusion and diversity", is pleased to present its third webinar on Monday, 30th May, from 10:00 to 12:30 (CEST): “Support networks for inclusion: joining forces towards a common goal”.

The event is particularly relevant for Student Services Officers at Arqus partner universities, but it is of interest to the entire university community and for the Alliance: students, academic and non-academic staff, members of AL2 task forces, especially those whose work has greatly contributed to the progress of the 2.4 activity, and anyone interested.

Please register here: you will be provided with the link to access the meeting. Registration is open until the start of the webinar.

Description of the webinar:

After having looked into different inspiring support networks for inclusion in place at Arqus partner universities (see here and here for details on the past webinars), this last meeting intends to open our horizons to other organisations and networks working for inclusion, in particular in the field of mobility.

Mobility lies at the core of European University Alliances: Arqus, with its more than 300,000 students, is home to a widely diversified student body, and must ensure that all can enjoy the same mobility opportunities and their outcomes.

International mobility is a very interesting testbed for support networks for inclusion. In fact, in order to “create adequate conditions to learn, work or volunteer abroad and ensure a safe and exciting mobility period for students” (definition of inclusive mobility – PLAR-4-SIMP project), robust support networks at different levels, both within and among universities and national institutions, must be in place.

Multiple actors have carried out a huge body of research and work around this issue: the webinar will look into how the numerous projects and initiatives on inclusion-related issues in higher education can build upon existing results and pool knowledge, energies and resources toward the common goal of making higher education more inclusive.

The webinar will count on the interventions of SIHO (Support Centre Inclusive Higher Education, Belgium), ACA (Academic Cooperation Association) and Arqus: the task force will present its guidebook on support networks for inclusion across the Alliance. Arqus will also host the president of ESN (Erasmus Student Network), who will present students’ perspectives on how to make mobility more inclusive, removing the barriers to participation among students with fewer opportunities (SIEM project). The second part of the webinar will be reserved for an open discussion with the panelists.

Download the agenda of the webinar here.

News prepared by Lucia Gennaro. 

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