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Online conference: Terminology management in academic institutions

Mittwoch, 24.05.2023

The University of Granada would like to invite Arqus community to the online conference on terminology management in academic institutions, with a special focus on the Arqus Alliance case that will take place on 25th May at 14:00 CEST.

To foster multilingual and multicultural processes and communication in academic institutions, universities need to implement institutional terminology management protocols to support the systematic standardisation and harmonisation of official and recommended terms, and to support the use of language quality standards. These tools should be aimed at all members of the academic community who need to understand, draft and translate documents, and at those who need to create multilingual resources within the institution.

The use of normative terminology contributes to the enhancement of an institution’s image, both nationally, in the home institution and country, and internationally, through the channels of communication with international stakeholders.

This conference, aimed at non-experts in terminology, will look at the reasons for managing terminology in the Arqus Alliance, and how this process is conducted.

The prototype of the Arqus Termbase and the UGRTerm® database will also be presented.

Register for the event here until 24th May and join the Zoom meeting on 25th May from 14:00 CEST at this link (Meeting ID: 957 6062 3206).

For more information, please contact Silvia Montero Martínez (smontero(at)ugr.es) and Roma Kriaučiūnienė (roma.kriauciuniene(at)flf.vu.lt).

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