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Happy International Students' Day!

Dienstag, 17.11.2020

Students are the key!

Today, 17th November, Arqus joins the higher education community worldwide celebrating the International Students’ Day. Arqus European University Alliance is and has always been student-centred. From the very beginning, students were involved in the design of the Arqus Alliance. Nowadays, students are also fully participating in Arqus’ activities as well as in the development of the Alliance through the coordination and advisory structures of Arqus. The Alliance allows its participating universities to substantially increase their already existing opportunities for benefiting from an international experience. Arqus students are having access to more European and international learning experiences within and alongside their study programmes: study mobility, internship (work-based) mobility, short-term mobility, summer courses, language courses, volunteer (service) mobility, virtual exchange and access to academic offer at partners.

As a way to celebrate the International Students’ Day, we have held an interview with Lasse Emcken, the recently elected new President of the Arqus Student Council and we had a chat with Gohar Hovhannisyan, President of the European Students’ Union (ESU).



Marina Fernández-Peña Mollá and Anja Hoffmann

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