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First International Seminar in Romance Philology of the AIFRS group

Mittwoch, 15.09.2021

From 20th to 24th September, the Universities of Granada, Graz and Vilnius organise in Granada the First International Seminar in Romance Philology: "Contactos, conexiones e influencias lingüísticas y literarias en la Romania meridional (Italia, España, Portugal)".

The conference will be held in Granada and it is expected that academics and students from all the seven Arqus universities attend it.

During 5 days, academics from Granada, Graz and Vilnius will discuss different topics such as the history of Romance languages, the relation between Spanish and Italian literature, the contacts between Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, among others.

The conference is organised by the Arqus International Forum on Romance Studies (AIFRS), a research group that was founded in 2020 thanks to the twinning exchange of the Arqus universities, in order to work together on the importance of Romance languages and their literature within the European culture.

This activity is a great opportunity to reinforce the academic collaboration between the Arqus Universities.

Download the flyer here.

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