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First EDLab Introductory Webinar

Mittwoch, 10.05.2023

The Arqus Alliance invites academics, students, professional staff and stakeholders to participate in the 1st EDLab Introductory Webinar that will be held this Wednesday, 10th May, at 13:00 CEST.

The EDLab project “European policy experimentation in higher education: piloting a joint European degree label” was granted last January by the European Commission to test the implementation of European and international Joint Degree Programmes and the European Degree Label with special emphasis on France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The webinar will consist of an introductory session on the Joint European Degree initiative and the main objectives, methodologies, activities and results of the EDLab project.

The event counts on the participation of the Arqus and EDLab Coordinator, Dorothy Kelly, who will do an introduction on the policy context. The other key speakers are Mara Thiene, Rector’s Delegate for Joint Degrees and International Rankings of the University of Padua, and Alessandra Gallerano, Head of Projects and Mobility Office at the International Relations Division of the University of Padua and Responsible for the Dissemination Strategy of EDLab.

The webinar is open to anyone who is interested in the topic and the project. No prior registration is needed.

Join the webinar here and get to know more about the initiative and the many project activities that are taking place!

Additional information:

In early 2023, the European Commission selected 6 projects to pilot a Joint European Degree Label based on a set of common criteria. The initiative was announced in the European Strategy for Universities and the Council Recommendation on building bridges for effective European higher education cooperation, adopted on 5 April 2022.

The EDLab project is one of the selected actions. It is coordinated by the University of Granada, and brings together 13 universities from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Belgium representing Arqus and three other European University Alliances (ENLIGHT, EUTOPIA and SEA-EU).

In the coming months, the EDLab network of 13 universities and 35 associated partners, including European University Alliances, ministries, and quality assurance agencies, as well as other organisations, will join forces to further the implementation of European and international Joint Programmes and the European Degree Label.

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