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Deadline for submission of proposals extended: Research Focus Forum "Climate Change and Biodiversity

Donnerstag, 14.10.2021

Academics and researchers from all Arqus universities are invited to submit proposals until 31 October.

Research Focus Forum, January 19-21, 2022: Arqus Research Focus Forum in Lyon – Saint-Étienne calls for papers & participations

The Universities Lyon 1, Lyon 3 and Saint-Étienne, members of the Arqus European University Alliance, organize a Research Focus Forum (RFF) on the theme “Climate Change and Biodiversity”.

The 3-days conference will take place in Lyon in January 2022 (19-21). We invite academics and researchers from all career stages and all disciplines, coming from the Arqus universities to participate.

Climate change is expected to have an important detrimental effect on biodiversity in our near future. In return, collapsing biodiversity will have important feedback effects on Earth’s climate as well as on human health and food sources. The conference will be organized around plenary oral presentations, presentations of ongoing projects or/and already existing Arqus collaborations, shorter presentations on specific topics/research, notably aimed at postdoc and PhD students as well as a large and vibrant poster session.
The following general topics, which could be tailored to participants’ interests and proposals, have emerged from our discussions:
1.    Climate change and biodiversity: natural evolution and human impacts (what we can learn from the past)
2.    Anthropocene and future climate: modelling and uncertainties
3.    Impact of climate change on biodiversity and feedbacks on climate change
4.    Impact of the biodiversity evolution on human and animal health
5.    Imaging solutions for climate change and biodiversity

Nevertheless, proposals on other issues, linked to climate change and/or biodiversity, are very welcome (6. Other proposals).

This Research Focus Forum will also give participants an unique opportunity to share interests and goals, exchange ideas and identify common interests that might lead to future joint research activities.  
The goals of this conference are also to develop cooperation in between the Arqus European University Alliance members with a particular emphasis on transdisciplinary approaches, plan future answers to E.U. funded calls for projects, develop student exchanges (lecture semesters, research internships, PhD co-directions, etc.).

The organisers hope that the conference will happen face to face. There will also have a bimodal mode to give full access to Master and PhD students, or other participants who cannot attend the whole event.

How to apply
Academics and researchers from all ARQUS Universities are invited to submit a 400-words abstract and a short biography of no more than 200 words.  
Requests for more information and proposals/abstracts shall be sent at:

Deadline: 31st October 2021
The abstract should present the research interests, project ideas and/or areas for possible collaboration, as well as the format in which participation is envisaged such as presentation of an ongoing research project, ongoing collaboration, scientific communication, etc. Please specify if you prefer an oral presentation or a poster.
Funding is available for travel and accommodation costs for participants from Arqus universities within the framework of the Arqus European University Alliance. Please contact the Arqus Officer.


Anja Hoffmann

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