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Montag, 12.09.2022

The Arqus Forum 2022

150 participants meet at the University of Granada

Donnerstag, 28.07.2022

Zweite Periode

Uni Graz geht mit der Hochschul-Allianz Arqus und einer 14,4 Millionen-Förderung der EU in die nächsten vier Jahre

Dienstag, 26.07.2022

Arqus Seed Funding: Jetzt bewerben!

Der Arqus Seed Funding Call zielt darauf ab, die Zusammenarbeit von Forscherinnen und Forschern der Arqus Universitäten zu fördern. Die…

Dienstag, 26.07.2022

Enrol now!

MOOC on Mental Borders, Physical Borders and the Shaping of Modern European Identity and Citizenship

Donnerstag, 23.06.2022

Bacteria vs Viruses: Who wins this fight?

A new episode of the Arqus podcast "Knowledge Pills" is out

Mittwoch, 15.06.2022

Arqus Senior School Granada

The University of Granada will host the first Granada Arqus Senior School 2022 from 19th to 21st September.

Dienstag, 17.05.2022

Support networks for inclusion: joining forces towards a common goal

The new webinar on 30th May will focus on the field of international mobility

Montag, 16.05.2022

Challenge-Based Learning

You can already enrol for the new Arqus MOOC on Challenge-Based Learning

Freitag, 06.05.2022

Arqus Research Focus Forum

The Future of Europe in Light of the Russian War against Ukraine

Freitag, 29.04.2022

Learning together: it's a challenge!

The eleventh episode of the Arqus podcast is online

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Mittwoch, 20.04.2022

Virtual Company visit in Leonardo Labs - Open opportunities for PhDs

Padua invites Leonardo Labs to present the open opportunities for PhDs in Stem on April 27, 2022. To participate, registration is required.

Mittwoch, 06.04.2022

Here are the winners

Birgit Phillips from the University of Graz as well as Jenny Kunhardt, Maeva Baudoin and Johannes Ringel from Leipzig University have been selected as…

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