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Arqus International Forum on Romance Studies

The Arqus International Forum on Romance Studies, acronym AIFRS, is an international scientific network connecting scholars from the nine Arqus universities (Granada, Graz, Vilnius, Padua, Leipzig, Lyon [1, 3, and Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne], Bergen, Minho and Wrocław), who conduct research and teaching on the Romance languages, primarily within the disciplines of linguistics and literary/cultural studies.

The term “Romance languages” encompasses all Romance languages, varieties, dialects and idioms (present or past), the Latin/Proto-Romance interface as well as all Romance based creoles. The AIFRS is multilingual by design and tries to always include more than one Romance language in its activities (see Arqus action line “Multilingual and Multicultural University”).

The AIFRS is open to all scholars from the Arqus Alliance concerned with the Romance Languages. The AIFRS facilitates joint research and academic teaching at the Arqus universities and creates a matrix structure for these international collaborations. AIFRS scholars engage in a wide range of activities, e.g. from workshops and summer schools to permanent research groups, developing and planning their joint academic projects in an open, encouraging, and inspiring scientific environment.

The AIFRS is run by the AIFRS Board, which until 2023 consists of the following members, simultaneously the founders of the AIFRS.

AIFRS Board:

*Katharina Gerhalter (katharina.gerhalter(at)uni-graz.at)

*Stefan Koch (stefan.koch(at)uni-graz.at)

*David Porcel Bueno (daporbue(at)ugr.es)

Victoriano Peña Sánchez (victorps(at)ugr.es)

Fausto De Michele (Fausto.demichele(at)uni-graz.at)

*corresponding board members

Please contact the corresponding Board members David Porcel Bueno, Katharina Gerhalter and Stefan Koch for any requests related to the AIFRS, such as membership, activities, or general information.

Kontakt AIFRS

Katharina Gerhalter

Stefan Koch

David Porcel Bueno

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